What is denotation and connotation? Denotation is the strict dictionary meaning of a word. Connotation is the emotional and imaginative association surrounding a word.

So for example, Band Aid : Hulk

Band Aid Hulk
Band Aid Hulk

Denotation: Band-Aid is a brand of adhesive bandage with gauze pad in the center, used to cover injury and cuts


Band Aid is showing just how flexible its fabric is in this ad. This amusing ad shows that this band-aid does not even snap on the finger of The Hulk who is at the center of this image. It works because it’s simple and it shows you all that is needed and nothing more, its flexible.

Another example: Celcom Broadband: Coverage

Celcom Broadband: Coverage
Celcom Broadband: Coverage

Denotation: Broadband high-speed data transmission in which a single cable can carry a large amount of data at once.


We all instantly recognize the Wi-Fi symbol but then notice it is built from famous monuments across the world, once we look further down we notice the product which is giving us Wifi. Once again it is something that says a lot without having to clutter up a whole canvas with different.

Here is more interesting ads, leave give your thought about what is denotation and connotation in those ads on the comment section below.

creative-advertisement-16 Screen shot 2011-08-24 at 1.34.41 PM Funny-Pepsi-Advertisement1


Toilet Symbol

For my Ways of Seeing class, I was asked to create toilet symbols.
First of all symbols are not merely icons that direct us to the
nearest toilet. They have meaninga and reveal a deeper ideolody.
Often what is signified is just one of a number of meanings.
Used worldwide, the male figure is much like a classic gingerbread
man, while the female figure is diffirent only because she
wears a dress. Also I found that some Westerners have found
piblic signd translated from Chinese to English awkwardly
funny and some really inappropriate. I brainstormed and came
up with an idea that toilet symbols could use intertionally and
have some fun with it.

Toilet Symbol Standard
Toilet Symbol Standard

Just as science explains why we are wired to take notice of
red signs and to stop at red lights, so we respond to very basic
images indicating men and women’s toilets, in this case I chose
to use blue for male toilet icon and pink for female. Symbol 1,
2 and 4, I come up with simplitity symbols that easily represent
masculine and feminine (male has mustache, don’t wear
make-up, smoking.. female has longer hair, wear mascara, and
lipstick…) Symbol 3, when deciding on a symbol idea to represent
the ‘‘interesting’’ way, i thought of the position of male and
female when they have to go to the toilet (male standing up,
female sitting down) however this might be abit inappropriate
to some people.

Toilet Symbol by Bonnie Nguyen
Toilet Symbol by Bonnie Nguyen


Take one look at the work of illustrator Noma Bar and you will be HOOKED!

Born in Israel in a highly artistic family, and now based in London, the artist, Noma Bar describes his craft as visual communication, combining the skills of artiest, illustrator and designer. His works are complex ideas with a stunning and deceptive simplicity but instead of drawing what people look like, he draws what they do, more correctly, what they are.

” I’ve always found pictograms to be fascinating—they can tell stories just as well as words, and they can have multiple interpretations. So I began collecting them in their various forms (stickers, etc.), and I learned to develop my own sign language.” Noma Bar said in The New York Interview

With an amazing talent he creates manipulates shape and form where simplistic symbols and pictograms evolve to create a new meaning.  He cleverly uses negative space to create somethings so unique and amazing.

For more information. Click Here to view more his artworks.



Nicholas Felton
Nicholas Felton

For one of my class The Language of Type, my idea of this class assessment based on infographic. So to get some idea of how to design an amazing infographic, I found Nicholas Felton who is infographic designer. He is the co-founder of and was a member of the product design team at Facebook. He is credited for influencing the design of Facebook’s timeline. His work has been profiled in public including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal etc

“His work was a huge inspiration on a lot of the big ideas that we presented today,”

Facebook VP of product Christopher Cox said

Nicholas Felton loves spending his time thinking about data, charts and daily routines. He uses the tool of data to do his storytelling.

” I’m interested in just finding ways of creating a record of existence and behavior, and seeing what it looks like, and trying to figure out what the aggregates have to share. Whether its something that’s interesting or humorous or tragic.”

Nicholas Felton said

What you think about his works? Leave a comment below


22804_ar06_03 BFB feltron_ar11_03 feltron31 ml_feltron_2012_04_1200


This week I’m posting the process of one of my class Brand Management at uni. The two brands that group chose to do are General Pants and Universal Store.

General Pants Logo
General Pants Logo

General Pants Co is owned by Billabong International. Billabong was founded in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in 1973 by Gordon Merchant. At first, he designed and created board shorts at his home and then sold them to local surf shops. Surfers soon realized the durability of Merchant’s shorts that was the result of his triple-stitching technique. Merchant understood that his company needed to expand to achieve success, so Billabong started to sponsor contests, which increased the public’s awareness of Merchant’s products and the company expanded.

Brand Assets


Brand Items


General Pants do not sell or make any of their own products. They import products from other manufacturers and then re-sell them in their stores.

genaral pants brand



The staff at general pants do not have uniforms. Although they have to wear the clothes that are sold in the store to advertise the products in store.


Big Sign outside on the glass and the hanging from the ceiling to indicate where the shop is. Inside the signs were in fluro colours so they would stand out from everything else.

General Pants Store
General Pants Store

Social Media

#GIVEPEACE: The campaign involved renaming of storefronts, online and social channel to “General Peace Co.”, fundraising for charity with limited edition “Give Peace” tees designed by leading brands store and social media campaign supported by Australian and international celebrities.

The retailer aims to spread a message of peace to the world and raise funds through the sale of “Give Peace” t-shirt range with 100% of proceed going to Save the Children Australia and Osis Youth Support Network.

In order to spread the message far and wide a celebrity collection of ambassadors have also volunteered to share images of themselves with the #GIVEPEACE massage and encourage their followers to buy a “Give Peace” tee or donate. Moreove, anyone who shares the #GIVEPEACE message on their social media will receive 15% off their purchases at the store.


Tinder: General pants Tinder apps messaging feature to send a push notification inviting users to ‘get in my pants’. The clothing retailer is one of the first ads in Aus to adopt Tinder as an ads platform and is using the activity to drive traffic to its stores and is offering 20% to any customer who shows their Tinder profile.


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10 Most Amazingly Talented Graphic Designers on Instagram (1)

Nowadays Instagram can be used for just about anything and a lot of creatives using this type of social media as a catalogued portfolio of their art work. Here’s a list of amazingly talented graphic designers (in my opinion!):

1. Mike Perry – @mikeperrystudio

Mike Perry is a designer and artist working in numerous media: books, magazines, films, newspapers. He draws, paints, illustrates, animates, cuts, pastes, builds, create sculpture projects and installations (He’s AWESOME!) He woks for number of editorial and commercial clients including Apple, The New York Times, Dwell, Target, Urban Outfitters, Aldo and Nike.

mike perry studio

2. Mister Doodle – @misterdoodle

Mister Doodle is a designer who specialises in handcrafted typography.


3. Luke Choice – @velvetspectrum

Luke Choice is an Australian-born and living in New York City as graphic designer with a “unique, playful aesthetic, thats covers multiple facets of design, illustration and typography”

Luke Choice

4. EveryHey – @every_hey

Hey is a graphic design studio based in Spain. EveryHey is the brandchild of this design collective Hey Studios. Taking iconic characters and public figures and transforming them into quirky illustrations makes for a simple dose of consistent inspiration.

Every hey

5. Thomas Burden – @thomasburden

Thomas Burden is an illustrator and designer from Chichester. He describes his own work as referencing “anything from indigenous art and folk costumes, to alpine souvenirs and all the toys I was never allowed as a child.”

thomas burden

10 Most Amazingly Talented Graphic Designers on Instagram (2)

6. Sam Larson – @samlarson

Sam Larson is a designer that uses carefully selected colour chart to stand out from the crowd. Most of his art works have fluorescent reds and blues to create a beatiful nature-themed illustrative works.


7. Neil Stevens – @neil_a_stevens

Neil A Stevens is a designer and illustrator with a clear talent for both. Specialising in poster design, he manages to combine type and graphic to create eye-catching dynamic pieces, some of which are documented in his Instagram page. If you’re a fan of sharp, sleek graphics and type Neil A Stevens is your guy!!

neil a stevens

8. Maztrone – @maztrone

Maztrone describes his own work “Typography, illustration, motion design and other useless things”. Um “useless things” I don’t think so, his current 16.4k (16,400) followers would beg to differ on that last part also.


9. Tad Carpenter – @tadcarpenter

Tad Carpenter is a designer and illustrator. “We bring powerful messages to life through branding, packaging and illustrative based design. Our process is effective, artistic and honest but most important, we LOVE what we do.” Indeed! His work is fun and smart as he uses a colourful loveable style to create a myriad of characters and illustrations.


10. Andy Rementer – @andyrementer

Andy Rementer is a designer who loves hand made typography, vintage colours and flea market finds. His drawing style can resemble children’s books, while at the same time it has a lot of complex meanings and situations enhanced with hand0made typography. His work has been featured through a number of editors and commercial clients including The New York Times, The New Yorker, MTV, Urban Outfitters etc.



So this is one of my assessment for The Language of Type class. This assessment requires us to propose a working prototype of an iPad application which would complement an existing print-based magazine, using the self-generated or sourced text relevant to selected topic. Briefly, my first topic was ‘Mini Cooper History’ but it didn’t turn out well so my next idea was a travel photography/photojournalism.

Travel photography involves capturing images of a particular landscape or even people from different countries. A photographer captures various traditions and customs of different places.
Photojournalism is all about telling a story about a particular event or incident through a single photograph. This genre of photography is used mainly by publications to represent the latest news.

Why travel photography/photojournalism? Well why not? I love traveling and exploring new places, new things and new people. Maybe I want to be a photography storytellers sometimes in future. I’ve been following with website called Passion Passport, is a community of storytellers, photographers and explores united by the transformative power of travel. Who doesn’t love to see amazing photographs around the world and interesting stories come with.

I came across this photographer Matt Dutile and really impressed with his works. He travels to Asia a few time, especially East/Southeast Asia. He also gives some great advances for youth photographer and blogger. “Good travel photography is about the people you meet, the food you eat and where you place your feet” Dutile said.

Here’s my final mock up design 🙂

IMG_1010 IMG_1009IMG_1006 IMG_1008



One of the more exciting changes for youtube this year has been support for 360 degree video, which Youtube announced back in January 2015. Support for select videos finally began in March and now more creators are beginning to feature 360 videos as part of their content library. These type of videos offer a new dimension that add a distinct level of complexity and discovery.

It may be a little early to jump on the 4K resolution trend, but creating 360 degree video is one you should consider. In our quick guide, you can learn what it takes to create these kind of videos for Youtube, how to watch them and what they are good for. If you haven’t seen a video shot in this kind of production style yet, here’s one of the first music video using 360 degree camera: ‘Waiting for love – Avicii’

But first, how to watch 360 video on Youtube? If you watch it via desktop, you can enjoy the experience either by clicking the pan button in the upper left corner with your mouse. If you watch it on your phone (I recommend download Youtube app) It’s like you are in the video itself and as you move your phone, the view in the video moves with it.