Toilet Symbol

For my Ways of Seeing class, I was asked to create toilet symbols.
First of all symbols are not merely icons that direct us to the
nearest toilet. They have meaninga and reveal a deeper ideolody.
Often what is signified is just one of a number of meanings.
Used worldwide, the male figure is much like a classic gingerbread
man, while the female figure is diffirent only because she
wears a dress. Also I found that some Westerners have found
piblic signd translated from Chinese to English awkwardly
funny and some really inappropriate. I brainstormed and came
up with an idea that toilet symbols could use intertionally and
have some fun with it.

Toilet Symbol Standard
Toilet Symbol Standard

Just as science explains why we are wired to take notice of
red signs and to stop at red lights, so we respond to very basic
images indicating men and women’s toilets, in this case I chose
to use blue for male toilet icon and pink for female. Symbol 1,
2 and 4, I come up with simplitity symbols that easily represent
masculine and feminine (male has mustache, don’t wear
make-up, smoking.. female has longer hair, wear mascara, and
lipstick…) Symbol 3, when deciding on a symbol idea to represent
the ‘‘interesting’’ way, i thought of the position of male and
female when they have to go to the toilet (male standing up,
female sitting down) however this might be abit inappropriate
to some people.

Toilet Symbol by Bonnie Nguyen
Toilet Symbol by Bonnie Nguyen

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