What is denotation and connotation? Denotation is the strict dictionary meaning of a word. Connotation is the emotional and imaginative association surrounding a word.

So for example, Band Aid : Hulk

Band Aid Hulk
Band Aid Hulk

Denotation: Band-Aid is a brand of adhesive bandage with gauze pad in the center, used to cover injury and cuts


Band Aid is showing just how flexible its fabric is in this ad. This amusing ad shows that this band-aid does not even snap on the finger of The Hulk who is at the center of this image. It works because it’s simple and it shows you all that is needed and nothing more, its flexible.

Another example: Celcom Broadband: Coverage

Celcom Broadband: Coverage
Celcom Broadband: Coverage

Denotation: Broadband high-speed data transmission in which a single cable can carry a large amount of data at once.


We all instantly recognize the Wi-Fi symbol but then notice it is built from famous monuments across the world, once we look further down we notice the product which is giving us Wifi. Once again it is something that says a lot without having to clutter up a whole canvas with different.

Here is more interesting ads, leave give your thought about what is denotation and connotation in those ads on the comment section below.

creative-advertisement-16 Screen shot 2011-08-24 at 1.34.41 PM Funny-Pepsi-Advertisement1


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