“Why would I want to sketch in a silly book when I have this laptop with all amazing design softwares that could save so much time and It’s not too hard to use?” This is one of the comment on an art article I read couple days ago and it got me…real bad. So here is a few reason why as a designer sketch is very important!

1. Your first idea is rarely your best

If you have an idea on your mind, sketch it out! It only take a few seconds to get the idea out of your head. For there expend your sketch some more ideas. Even if it’s just some silly ideas it’s still idea. You don’t know whether your first idea is the best until you explore others.

2. Sketching is fast

Embrace your pan and paper and you’ll be thrilled at your speed of ideas. It doesn’t matter if it messy, some of the best design comes from just a simple mind sketchy idea.

3. Save time

When you have few amazing ideas and want to show them all to your clients, instead of spending hours on illustrator you could spend a few seconds sketching out your idea on a piece of paper.

4. Everyone can sketch

I often hear people say they don’t feel confident in their drawing ability. Don’t worry! If you know basic shapes like circle, squares, rectangles, lines, arrows and stick figures are enough to get your ideas out for other.

5. Sketch is FUN!!!


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