Nicholas Felton
Nicholas Felton

For one of my class The Language of Type, my idea of this class assessment based on infographic. So to get some idea of how to design an amazing infographic, I found Nicholas Felton who is infographic designer. He is the co-founder of and was a member of the product design team at Facebook. He is credited for influencing the design of Facebook’s timeline. His work has been profiled in public including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal etc

“His work was a huge inspiration on a lot of the big ideas that we presented today,”

Facebook VP of product Christopher Cox said

Nicholas Felton loves spending his time thinking about data, charts and daily routines. He uses the tool of data to do his storytelling.

” I’m interested in just finding ways of creating a record of existence and behavior, and seeing what it looks like, and trying to figure out what the aggregates have to share. Whether its something that’s interesting or humorous or tragic.”

Nicholas Felton said

What you think about his works? Leave a comment below


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