For this week in class, we learnt about coding and how to make a website by using codes.

HTML stands for the Hypertext Markup Language is the language for describing the structure of Web pages. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets is the language for describing the presentation of Web pages including colours, layout and fonts. The separation of HTML from CSS makes it easier to maintain sites, share style sheets across pages and tailor pages to different environments.

I’ve learn coding a few years back for my Interior Design course at Griffith. It was really difficult for me to learn and memorise all the codes. However, there is a website called Code Academy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 8 different programming languages. As a design student, this website is a life saver. I signed up and have learnt so much about coding. Code Academy also provides a forum where beginner and advanced coders can come together and help each other. Oh did I mention it’s FREE!! Check it out CLICK HERE

Code Academy Website
Code Academy Website

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