10 Most Amazingly Talented Graphic Designers on Instagram (2)

6. Sam Larson – @samlarson

Sam Larson is a designer that uses carefully selected colour chart to stand out from the crowd. Most of his art works have fluorescent reds and blues to create a beatiful nature-themed illustrative works.


7. Neil Stevens – @neil_a_stevens

Neil A Stevens is a designer and illustrator with a clear talent for both. Specialising in poster design, he manages to combine type and graphic to create eye-catching dynamic pieces, some of which are documented in his Instagram page. If you’re a fan of sharp, sleek graphics and type Neil A Stevens is your guy!!

neil a stevens

8. Maztrone – @maztrone

Maztrone describes his own work “Typography, illustration, motion design and other useless things”. Um “useless things” I don’t think so, his current 16.4k (16,400) followers would beg to differ on that last part also.


9. Tad Carpenter – @tadcarpenter

Tad Carpenter is a designer and illustrator. “We bring powerful messages to life through branding, packaging and illustrative based design. Our process is effective, artistic and honest but most important, we LOVE what we do.” Indeed! His work is fun and smart as he uses a colourful loveable style to create a myriad of characters and illustrations.


10. Andy Rementer – @andyrementer

Andy Rementer is a designer who loves hand made typography, vintage colours and flea market finds. His drawing style can resemble children’s books, while at the same time it has a lot of complex meanings and situations enhanced with hand0made typography. His work has been featured through a number of editors and commercial clients including The New York Times, The New Yorker, MTV, Urban Outfitters etc.



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