So this is one of my assessment for The Language of Type class. This assessment requires us to propose a working prototype of an iPad application which would complement an existing print-based magazine, using the self-generated or sourced text relevant to selected topic. Briefly, my first topic was ‘Mini Cooper History’ but it didn’t turn out well so my next idea was a travel photography/photojournalism.

Travel photography involves capturing images of a particular landscape or even people from different countries. A photographer captures various traditions and customs of different places.
Photojournalism is all about telling a story about a particular event or incident through a single photograph. This genre of photography is used mainly by publications to represent the latest news.

Why travel photography/photojournalism? Well why not? I love traveling and exploring new places, new things and new people. Maybe I want to be a photography storytellers sometimes in future. I’ve been following with website called Passion Passport, is a community of storytellers, photographers and explores united by the transformative power of travel. Who doesn’t love to see amazing photographs around the world and interesting stories come with.

I came across this photographer Matt Dutile and really impressed with his works. He travels to Asia a few time, especially East/Southeast Asia. He also gives some great advances for youth photographer and blogger. “Good travel photography is about the people you meet, the food you eat and where you place your feet” Dutile said.

Here’s my final mock up design 🙂

IMG_1010 IMG_1009IMG_1006 IMG_1008


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