One of the more exciting changes for youtube this year has been support for 360 degree video, which Youtube announced back in January 2015. Support for select videos finally began in March and now more creators are beginning to feature 360 videos as part of their content library. These type of videos offer a new dimension that add a distinct level of complexity and discovery.

It may be a little early to jump on the 4K resolution trend, but creating 360 degree video is one you should consider. In our quick guide, you can learn what it takes to create these kind of videos for Youtube, how to watch them and what they are good for. If you haven’t seen a video shot in this kind of production style yet, here’s one of the first music video using 360 degree camera: ‘Waiting for love – Avicii’

But first, how to watch 360 video on Youtube? If you watch it via desktop, you can enjoy the experience either by clicking the pan button in the upper left corner with your mouse. If you watch it on your phone (I recommend download Youtube app) It’s like you are in the video itself and as you move your phone, the view in the video moves with it.


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