This week was FUN! Our lecturer brought MaKey MaKey to class so we could experience and have fun with it.

The Makey Makey is a simple electronics kit that allows everyday objects to be used as basic computer keyboard inputs.

MaKey MaKey Set
MaKey MaKey Set

How does it work? Well I took me a while to understand the way it works.

Experience 1
Experience 1

In this picture a MaKey MaKey is being used to connect an graphy piano keyboard pencil drawing to a computer. A small amount of electricity flows from the computer to the piano keyboard. To complete the circuit, the person in the picture needs to hold a ground wire (which it was a hair band). This ground wire works as a return path for the electricity.

For a circuit to work, electricity needs to flow in a circular path, from a power source (when we’re using a MaKey MaKey our computer is the power source), to a object (in the picture, the piano keyboard is the object), and then back to the power source (it travels through you back to the laptop). With a MaKey MaKey anything that conducts electricity can be turned into a button for your computer. The video below is how is done:



So our other task was creative an interactive experience that could be installed for the next opening day. I called it “Apple Photo Boot”. It works  the same way with the above experience. Makey Makey is used to connect an apple to a camera in the photo boot. You can take a photo just by touching an apple.


Experience 2
Experience 2

Looking for more information? You can visit their website Click Here


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